Atlantis, Lucifer and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ 3


Loehr-Daniels Study Course of Basic Teachings


Part 3




By Franklin Loehr


            It is the human realm – not the lower animals, nor the vegetable realm – which bears on Earth the brunt of evil’s attack. For it is human beings – souls incarnate in animal bodies – that are the greatest threat to evil. Souls are children of God sent into the “far country” of Earth to reduce evil’s food supply. Souls carry individuation, self-consciousness, whereby a living thing can come to know itself as God’s beloved creation and to choose for good against evil.


            Incarnate souls – which is what human beings are – are the “beachhead” of God’s forces upon Earth. Therefore it is here that the battle wages most fiercely. Had the Nazis been able to throw the allied forces off the Normandy beachheads in the D-Day invasion of 1944, the Nazis could have held sway in their conquered lands longer.


The soul coming into incarnation, thus producing the human being, is the beachhead of God’s saving forces upon this far country of Earth to which Lucifer and his followers came for their energy replenishment when they left the Source, God. Thus we meet the full force of evil’s counterattack.


            Meeting this counterattack, we can trust God. There is a couplet from the 17th century English poet Richard Lovelace that says:


“I could not love thee, dear, so much

            Loved I not honor more.”


The man’s wife in this poem was trying to dissuade him from a course of action which would take him temporarily away from her, but which he felt honor bound to follow. He is replying to her that her security in his love is based upon his being an honorable man. The very fact that he would follow this course of honor, even though it took him for a time away from her, was in itself the basic reason why she could trust him. If he did not honor his commitments, his honoring of her would be less because he would not be as honorable and trustworthy in his own being.


            So it is with God. A God Who loves and saves even those who turn from Him and fight Him, is a God we can trust. Jesus hammered away at the point that God is frugal, God is a Savior, God is like a shepherd who has 100 sheep, who will go out and search the night through for even one if it be lost. God is like the father who welcomes back the chastened, contrite prodigal son.


            When Jesus by spiritual powers provided “out of thin air” bread enough to feed 5,000 or more people, He still displayed the frugality of God by having the disciples go around and pick up even the fragments that were left, that nothing be lost. Supernatural power is no reason for becoming profligate. God is frugal. God is a Savior.


            In Jesus’ time sparrows were sold for food; the going rate was two sparrows for one cent, or if you made a larger purchase of two cents an extra sparrow would be thrown in free – five sparrows for two cents. But even that extra sparrow that was thrown in free, said Jesus, was known to and beloved by God. “Not one sparrow falls to the ground without your Heavenly Father; and of how much more value are you than many sparrows!” God is frugal. God is a Savior.


            God knows even the number of hairs on your head, said Jesus to drive home God’s personal concern and love for each one of us. The modern computers that man now uses enlarge our comprehension of how memory can be stored and immense bits of knowledge held; here again Science enlarges our concept of God. The Mind of the Creator can know the number of hairs on our head if He so wish! God is personally concerned with all He has made. God is frugal. God is a Savior.


            God loves Lucifer. He is not hurling thunderbolts to annihilate his children, even the ones who go the farthest away and sink into the greatest degradation. Even as David warned his general Joab not to kill the rebellious son Absalom but to return him for redemption through forgiveness and love, so God “sent His only begotten Son into this world not to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved.” (John 3:16)


            God saves all He can, because He loves. He destroys only when that becomes, in the last resort, the loving thing to do. God loves even Lucifer, and hasn’t given up though it take thousands of years to redeem him and his followers.


            We as souls come to Earth and take on embodiment, incarnate form, as part of the great Jesus-Plan of Salvation for Earth. While we are here, strangers and soldiers in an alien and dangerous land, we have that supreme confidence of knowing that God loves us also. A God who would love even Lucifer and go to the length He does to redeem the fallen ones, holds us in His keeping.


Our souls, stained by the battle with evil on Earth, are cleansed by His Divine Power. We are never abandoned. Sometimes we seem to be overrun by evil, sometimes the position we tried to hold is lost and we must retreat. Sometimes. Earthwise, we are over-whelmed. But always we are honored in our battling, and in our own beingness we are saved.


            A young Episcopal priest told me his experience. He was a Canon at Trinity Cathedral in Trenton, New Jersey. We discovered that each of us had a mystical nature and knew of psychic realities, so we enjoyed visiting together. One day this young priest told me that quite early in his life, as he stood alone on a quiet beach, he had had the experience of becoming aware of a very evil presence, one with a great deal of power along with his malevolence. The young man stood his ground despite his youth and was not overwhelmed. But that evil presence said to him, “You and I will be in mortal combat all of your life.”


            How true. It is the conflict between good and evil that ties together the beginning of our times, Atlantis – when the forces of light lost the first battle to the forces of darkness – and the prophesied “end of our times,” the Second Coming of Jesus when He comes to reign in the victory of goodness.


            See yourself as a warrior for God. That is what every incarnate soul is. See both God and Lucifer, both good and evil, as forces having their basic residence and nature outside of yourself; you are not the devil, the source of evil, even as you are not God, the source of good. Don’t bite off a personal responsibility that is far beyond you. We cannot of ourselves only, win the cosmic victory on Earth.


            But we can fight our own particular battles in that warfare with courage, tenacity, and faith. We can turn all possible of our reactions and feelings and emotions and doing to good and away from evil. For we are not merely animals. We are self-aware incarnate souls. We know ourselves as individuals. We can choose for good, for God, in the Earthlife situations we face. We can feed good, not evil.


            And throughout it all we can trust God with ourselves, our destiny. For if God loves Lucifer, God loves you and me also. Here is adequate reason for firm confidence. As you dwell on this, reading it over until you do understand it, thinking about it until you do feel it, you will find a tremendous growth in your faith. The God who can love and work patiently through eons of time to redeem even Lucifer, loves you and me and holds us in His hands.


Yes, we shall be struck by the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” We as souls accepted wounds, in coming into incarnation upon Earth. God has not promised all sweetness and light as we come into contact and conflict with forces of evil and darkness. We meet frustrations, suffering, grief, loss, many defeats, and death on this battlefield Earth. But the frugal, saving, loving God Who loves all He has made and fights to lose none of it – that God holds the final victory, for Earth and for us. We can live, fight, love, and even die, in and for Him.


            “The Jesus-Plan of Salvation.”


            What does it mean?


            First let us take a look at the whole idea of the Second Coming of Jesus. It begins with the Jewish concept of the Messiah. The Jews say that the Messiah, the Anointed One sent with power from God to rule Earth and make it good, has not yet come. When He comes He will establish the rule of God upon Earth. In that sense, the Messiah certainly has not come.


            The Christians, on the other hand, say that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah, the one who eventually will reign over the Earth, but that in the Jesus lifetime 2,000 years ago he was demonstrating his right and fitness to take over the government of Earth, and when the time is right and God gives the signal, Jesus will come again to establish the reign of God.


            Actually, the Jewish expectation of the Coming of the Messiah and the Christian expectation of the Second Coming of Jesus are almost identical, with the addition of the Christian perception that this is a two-step process, with the Jesus-life in Palestine as the prior step to His Coming with power to reign.


            Students of reincarnation can see how perfectly logical it is that before the Anointed One, the One Sent, the Messiah, comes to act as God’s powerful Regent on Earth, there should be a climactic personal incarnation in which the fitness of that One to reign was established, His God-like character absolutely established and confirmed.


We know how always we must pass many tests, and a final test, before being judged worthy to move on. God's’approval of the Christ Soul was won and evidenced in the Jesus of Palestine incarnation, and the Jesus Person there qualified for His approaching Great Role of Savior of Earth.


            The Second Coming of Jesus Christ has caught the imagination of millions of people for 2,000 years. I believe that it may well come about in the lifetime of some of us now incarnate. I know that at many stages in history it has been predicted that He would come, and that so far He has not come to reign – therefore the percentage of probability, if based on past predictions only, is quite low.


            But for various reasons we see how Jesus may come again in the foreseeable future. There are highly significant new historical developments that not only seem to fulfill prophecies but also carry forward the practical plans for this Great Event. And we see how the Second Coming is the end result toward which the whole human history we have been considering is pointed.


Man reached a mental and scientific peak in Atlantis, then was returned to these thousands of years of developing again in order that with the new development certain spiritual qualities should be deeply embedded – and why? For the re-establishment of all Atlantis promised, but this time with God’s purposes reigning through a God-Man.


            What are the new signs that may well indicate the Second Coming is approaching? I believe the first is science itself. We are coming again, and quite rapidly, into the same test situation in which Atlantis found itself. Man is attaining unto an ever-greater knowledge of the physical universe in which he lives, and an ever-greater control over it.


In other words, the same situation in which mankind failed before is being re-established – which is the customary way in which a person or a race of humanity is given a second chance to succeed where once it failed. In fact, with several important exceptions, the Science of today is ahead of the science of Atlantis, and posing some even greater dangers.


            Along with this I would place public education. Even just a century ago most people on Earth could not read or write. Hence it was quite enough of a task, they felt, to be able to master life within the framework of their fathers without taking on changes.


But now the public has been educated to know that changes, brought about by a scientific gain in knowledge, can be of very great benefit. The horse and buggy gave way to the auto, then trains spanned continents, and now with the airplane man can circle the globe ahead of the sun. With widespread public education the masses of mankind are now expectant of change – change for the better. The past is not good enough now.


            Television is another particular development that I believe could well be a preliminary to the Second Coming. It is prophesied that when Jesus comes again “all people shall see Him together.” It would have taken a miracle, indeed, to bring that about before these days of television. Now man-made satellites in orbits 22,000 miles above the earth enable veritably the whole Earth to see something happening at any spot on it at the moment it is happening. President Nixon’s trip to China in early 1972, shown on television screens worldwide, first brought home to me how the reappearance of Jesus Christ could be made before “all mankind together” in these latter days.


            Key scientific developments will continue to come. Perhaps they include the de-massing project upon which we in Religious Research have been working since 1967. The theory is now well completed, out of which may come the technology for passing back and forth between the physical and the spiritual (non-physical) planes, even as apparently some could do in Atlantis.


            Most significant of all for sound, scientific belief in the Second Coming of Jesus (leading the next Intervention of our Elder Brothers from Space) is the factuality of the UFOs. These are the means by which it is done. These are the interplane (not inter-planetary) vehicles for passing from the mass-and-entropy physical universe of the time-space-continuum into other dimensions of  “time,” with wholly different parameters of natural law.


Our own human space travel, magnificent though limited, has opened human consciousness and acceptance to “life out there.” (Religion, let me remind us, has always said there is life beyond planet Earth – God, perhaps untold other universes, and life after physical death for man.) Such careful books as The Bible and Flying Saucers by the Rev. Brian Dowling, Ph.D., plus the wide-ranging investigations of Van Daniken, Charles Berlitz, Jean Sendy, and dozens of others, have openly prepared the way in human consciousness for their coming.


More important than the technological developments, I believe, is the completion of great readiness-plans in spiritual realms. The first of these was that the human race had to produce one perfect man, a human being who personally triumphed over all temptations and turned back all evil assaults. This one could then truly be God’s emissary, the God-Man, the righteous Judge in whose own nature evil had no part or hold whatever.


            The Great Powers, utterly scientific, are withheld from those not wholly committed to God and not wholly tested in that commitment. These Great Powers can be put into the hands of such a God-Man as Jesus the Christ without corruption. The direction, judgments, and strategic decisions made by Him are truly in the name and nature of God and as God would make them, all good. He and the Father must be One in nature, in purpose, in wisdom for the job, in handling responsibilities and making decisions, in power adequate to the task.


That perfect human, that God-Man, has been produced in Jesus of Nazareth – the climactic incarnation of a soul with many more incarnations back of it than most souls ever see on Earth. Because of His human victory as Jesus the Christ, we look forward to His Second Coming to reign.


Under his overall leadership, then, there have developed on the spiritual planes various echelons of responsibility and leadership, and many teams trained specially for particular jobs (even as before D-Day in World War II we had trained paratroopers, glider pilots, underwater demolition experts, assault infantry-men, military government specialists, etc.).


Since Atlantis the forces of good which were defeated there have spent much time regrouping, training, planning. There are untold legions of excarnate entities and souls now to carry through the battle, and other forces as well.


And battle it will be. The winning of Earth for good, beginning with the winning and cleansing of human consciousness and the establishment of a human society on Earth in which only good will be rewarded by experience (think that through again, carefully) – will be a power-play against all the powers of darkness. And this time we will win.


Will this be the end of the world? No. It will be the “end of these times” - and “these times” are seeing such a breakdown of man’s efforts to success by his own wit and will, that a Divine intervention seems almost necessary. Atomic warfare could mean the end of “these times” somewhat as the way the time of Atlantis ended, with failure and a return to primitive conditions. Jesus and His followers, including you and me, are confident of a different outcome this time.


The Second Coming of Jesus, as we have been led to see it over a quarter century of Religious Research, will not be a time when the “good people” are caught up into Heaven, and Earth allowed to go to hell. Rather, it will be a time when the problems before us will be lessened because many of the “bad people,” the ones through whom evil manifests most, will be caught up out of time and space for a while.


Those who remain will – under the overall leadership of persons who materialize out of the spiritual realm – establish a “Kingdom of God” on Earth, a human society upon Earth which only those choices and actions that are in keeping with the will and plan and values of God will be rewarded.  (Have you caught the meaning and significance of this yet? It is very important.)


As this system is established and the people in it gain experience with it, then the persons who had been put “in limbo” for a while can be re-introduced into Earth society, a few at a time, so that they can be assimilated and their retraining accomplished also. It will be an easier world in which to learn to follow good, to give the weaker ones and the younger children a better chance to get started right.


The worst hard-core cases probably will be kept until last, so that the “thousand years” in which “Satan is bound” will then lead to a time in which the worst cases are given a final chance upon Earth. The greatest efforts will be made to redeem from among this group everyone possible.


But those who will not and cannot be redeemed then shall meet the judgment of God, the annihilation of them as individual souls even though all the energies which can be retained for good out of their being will be so retained, cleansed and purified as scrap iron is melted down and cleansed by redeeming fire and used elsewhere.


After that, there will be tidying up to do. We do not expect the Earth to be released from its thin surface burden of life for some thousands of years after the Second Coming. Many souls will have many lessons still that can be learned best through incarnation. In the end, we are told, two or three souls may share in one joint incarnation to get in certain experiences and growth before all life is lifted out of matter, off the surface of Earth, and into its native realm of spirit.


And there are the other levels of life, our little brothers and sisters of the animal and vegetable kingdoms, to be raised in consciousness to self-consciousness and to knowledge of God as their loving Creator, and to their individual choice for Him.


The bio-geneticists of tomorrow will have much scientific work to do to give to our little brothers and sisters instruments of consciousness capable of this development to self-consciousness and God-conscious-ness. As the animal and plant streams of life develop, they doubtlessly will need gentle but firm training to help them avoid the pitfalls into which the human race, pioneering, had once fallen.


This, then, is “our time” in history as we see it. We believe Atlantis – its imbalances, its excesses, and its climactic failure – was the start of our particular period in human history. We do not know what lay before that or what may lie ahead for “our time.” We believe that a victory can be secured by spiritual forces and the human race in “our times” that will make other “falls” and destructions unnecessary and another such life cycle unnecessary.


We believe many prodigal sons will be reclaimed unto their – and our – Father’s House, and incarnate life, no longer necessary, can end as all life is returned to its native realm of spirit. We believe that the soul that incarnated as Jesus had many prior incarnations and in its incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, accomplished for itself and for all mankind that breakthrough into spiritual perfection as a human being. We believe that this Jesus Soul now has the full confidence of God, and has earned the right and place to be God’s own chosen and anointed representative, truly of God only, in coming to judge the “quick and the dead.”


We believe some tremendously exciting days lie not far ahead. If we are wrong in the timing, we believe it still is right to keep this expectation of the Second Coming alive within us, for therein is the consummation, the victory, the meaningful and victorious end of “our time” in history.


Without such a framework as this we frankly cannot make much sense out of the story of man on Earth. With it, all falls into place and makes good, understandable, common sense. This framework of history also makes good cosmic sense as a part of God’s own plan thoroughly consistent with His character and purposes.


Atlantis – the historic and fascinating beginning of our time in history.


The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, coming this time to reign – the prophesied “end of our times.”


The struggle of good against evil, not for the destruction of evil but for the redemption of those who have turned from light to darkness, from good to evil – the divine process which has been taking place between Atlantis, the beginning, and the Second Coming, the end, of our times.


This makes sense. Good sense. Human-living sense. God’s cosmic sense.


God loves all that He has made, even Lucifer, the rebellious one who turned away, and those who followed that fallen bearer of light. And we, souls incarnate in human bodies on planet Earth, are God’s partners, even God’s instruments, in the cosmic drama of redemption for the return of the evil ones – fallen beings of light, our own brothers and sisters – to our Father’s Home.


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