Atlantis, Lucifer, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ


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Part 1


By Franklin Loehr


            It was in the fall of 1951 that I met Mr. Robert B. Stacy-Judd and first learned something definite about Atlantis. Mr. Stacy-Judd, then probably in his mid-60s, was a quite renowned architect. Some 40 years before, his design had been chosen in open competition for a landmark building in Pasadena, California, and his competence and fame thus early established.


            I was then a very busy collegiate minister of the 5,000-member First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, then the largest congregation of that denomination in the world. But the word somehow had gotten around the “spiritual underground” of the Los Angeles area that I, even though a minister of that orthodox and fashionable church, was knowledgeable of deeper spiritual things, the mystical, even the psychic and the occult.


            How I wish I had known then what I know now. I would have appreciated more deeply the unusual people who came to my office. I remember Dr. Baird T. Spalding, author of the five volumes of The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East; he was 92, I believe, when Mr. Douglas DeVorss, president of the DeVorss Publishing Company, brought him to my office. I remember Mr. W. Y. Evans-Wentz, whose scholarly Tibetan Book of the Dead (published by Oxford University Press of England) is a classic landmark of ancient psychic and occult knowledge. I remember that jovial mystic, Dr. Glenn Clark, author of a dozen spiritual books and founder of the “Camps Farthest Out” movement and of the Macalester Park Publishing Company; he shared with me some of the deeper knowledge and powers he intuitively possessed, beyond what he could teach openly. I remember Starr Daily of the autobiographical Love Can Open Prison Doors; he opened to me several doors of  “Nature-Magick,” an outreach to the consciousness of elemental forces.


            During these years (1950-52) I also was moderator of the Sunday Evening Club of Los Angeles. Attendance ranged from three or four hundred to an overflow church (two thousand) for the famous speakers we brought – Dr. Normal Vincent Peale of The Power of Positive Thinking; Thomas Sugrue, biographer of Edgar Cayce (There Is a River); Alan Watts, John Kenfield Morley, Jan Ertezek, Dr. Morgan Harris; Dr. Paul Popenoe, founder of the American Institute of Family Relations; Los Angeles Mayor Norris Paulson and Police Chief William Parker; and a hundred others. My favorite was the Nobel Laureate Cal-Tech Physicist Dr. Robert Millikan. Each time he spoke I went personally to his home in nearby Pasadena for the privilege of the extra hour with him, and on the way back after his lecture, we would stop for a piece of apple pie and glass of milk, his nightcap. He became very interested in our Religious Research, and since his transition has become the leading Earth scientist on our excarnate Religious Research Council.


            But of them all, Mr. Robert B. Stacy-Judd stands out uniquely in my memory. This world-acclaimed architect turned out to be a probing student of human history and destiny, was well informed of its purposeful flow and spirit guidance. We lunched one noon – in a well-lighted restaurant – and he told me of his several trips into the jungles of the Yucatan, his visits to the Mayan pyramids and other relics of history there. He was quite psychic, and recognized the Guidance and Protection which had been with him. One incident he related was of a time when he and his party (mostly natives from the coastal area) were desperately low of water – and he was led psychically to an ancient well from which they drank and filled their water cans.


            His chief interest lay in the evidence he had found for Atlantis. At the Mayan area of Yucatan, and later in the Aztec and Inca pyramids of Mexico and Peru, he had found similarities that the trained eye of the architect could truly appreciate. These similarities were not only in the basic design and structure of the pyramids and other buildings, but also in their decorative leit-motifs. Such striking a definite similarities could not reasonably have come independently to ancient civilizations as diverse and separated as these, but demanded a common source. Then he journeyed to Egypt and found the same similarities in the ancient pyramids there.


            The common source to which the landmarks of all these ancient civilizations point, he feels to be Atlantis. Certainly they all are “spin-offs” of some common ancient civilization, and the only such that we find in even the legends of human history, is Atlantis.


            From his careful, analytical, scientific studies of these and other far-flung relics of the past, Mr. Stacy-Judd had written a scholarly and very persuasive book of which he gave me a copy – Atlantis, Mother of Empires.


            Before the fall of 1948, I would have rejected such ideas. I was college trained, a science major (chemistry), a modern and “enlightened” minister of the Christian Gospel. My parents were deeply spiritual, but did not venture beyond the ideas and beliefs of their Presbyterianism. It could have been said of me as it was of someone else, “His prejudices were inherited and strictly orthodox.”


            But in September of 1948 came the event that reshaped and turned around my entire life. This was the “Hadley Workshop,” a small group of younger university-trained ministers in the Connecticut River Valley of New England who met weekly for two years in an independent research in spiritual fields. Under the leadership of the Rev. Paul McClurkin, Ph.D., we ventured into fields such as hypnosis, the reaching and use of the subconscious mind, the concepts and teaching of other religions, new experiments in religious education, etc. And we met the Rev. Ruth Mathias, a fine psychic who resided in Everett, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. She opened to us the field of Psychical Research.


            This Hadley Workshop was the two-year research and development group from which came in 1950 the Religious Research Foundation of America, Inc., expanded to include laymen as well as ministers.


            So by my 1951 noon luncheon with Mr. Stacy-Judd I at least had heard of Atlantis and could be open-minded toward it. As I listened to his reasoning and studied the photographs in his book, I found the evidence gathered by Mr. Stacy-Judd for Atlantis was very, very strong.


            Then something psychic happened. Midway during the luncheon, as I looked at Mr. Stacy-Judd I suddenly saw instead an old Mayan sitting there across from me, wise, venerable, quiet, secure in his knowledge and his own being. I watched, fascinated, for the several minutes this persisted, although I did not mention it to Mr. Stacy Judd. Gradually the Mayan – which I think was probably one of Mr. Stacy-Judd’s own previous incarnations – faded off, and the 20th century man sat there eating and talking with me. This was my first experience of the psychic phenomenon called “transfiguration” or “overlay.” I think its coming then was significant, perhaps an endorsement from other realms of Mr. Stacy-Judd and his information.


              For many reasons, I have come to believe in Atlantis.


            Mr. Stacy-Judd’s well-reasoned, soundly supported arguments made in themselves a very strong case for this common ancestor of the Egyptian, Mayan, Inca, Aztec and other similar “ancient” civilizations.


            Other evidence added its support. I remembered that Sir Francis Bacon, a prominent English politician and a philosophical forerunner of the Age of Science, entitled his vision of the better life science would bring The New Atlantis. I found references in Plato, Shakespeare, and many others, to Atlantis as factual history.


            I pondered over the Bible teaching in Genesis (first book of the Bible, shared by Christian, Jew, and Moslem) of a time when human life was happier, easier, healthier – and then a “fall” caused by man’s wrongdoing, from which we have been gradually working back up for thousands of years. Was the Adam-and-Eve-and-the-Garden-of-Eden story a symbol, a coded clue for “they who have eyes to see,” of Atlantis?


            The clinching evidence, for me, came in the seven years 1952-1959, in which the major work of Religious Research was with about 100 persons bringing to consciousness their subconscious memories of previous lives. Upon a number of occasions we ran into recalls of life in Atlantis – recalls that had all the signs of reality that the recalls of more recent reincarnations held, and recalls that brought out many details of Atlantis.


            Others have delved into the historicity of Atlantis in other ways. From my study of their work, plus our work, I believe that Atlantis has been authenticated. My work proceeds from that point. I believe that Atlantis was the beginning of the particular historic epoch in which we live.


            The significance of Atlantis for our day is that in Atlantis, some 10-15,000 years ago, a knowledge of mental power developed – and was misused. This highly developed use of the mind was not universal; indeed, the advanced knowledge was held quite tightly within the priesthood and the ruling classes, and was kept from the masses of the people.


            Some of the “secret powers” were used to affect and manipulate the masses. I remember one recall in which this client, a woman in her early 30s, found herself as a priest in Atlantis, one of whose duties was to sit upon a hillside for a certain two hours each day (others took other shifts) and focus through the mind certain qualities upon the water within the aqueduct leading into the city. This particular work was beneficent, planting good qualities upon the water -–much as a priest does in consecrating Holy Water, and as we did the Aquator portion of our prayer-plant research. In fact, it was the recall of this thought-implantation of qualities upon water that led me to use the “holy” water in our very first prayer-plant experiments. It worked, so I went on with our three-year prayer research with plants, and the rest is history.


            But the process was not always used for good in Atlantis. Hurtful qualities also can be implanted upon the water supply and thus carried to unsuspecting people. I came to know a Los Angeles businessman who had trained his fine mind in practices of concentration, visualization, etc. In five focussed minutes he could give to a glass of water before him strong laxative qualities, for instance. A friend, visitor, or employee innocently drinking the water proved very quickly the success of the experiment. It was humorous – and chilling in its potential for mis-use.


            Mass hypnosis, I am convinced, came to be used in Atlantis by the ruling class upon the lower classes, and this mass hypnosis was achieved in part by thought-implantation upon the drinking water supply. Water makes up more than 90% of our body, and 98% of our brain. Water permeates our glands, nerves, and all our body tissues. The emotionalism of some anti-fluoridation people in our generation seems quite illogical – unless they carry a subconscious race memory of a time when doctored public water supplies were used to control people.


            This use of thought-seeded (or “thought-ed”) water was only one of the Atlantean items recalled in that seven years and since. Others dealt with towers that collected energies – the energies of the night, as well as the sun’s energies by day; and towers for broadcasting energies to flying ships, a focussed radio wave or laser type of thing, somewhat like the overhead electric lines of an electrified railroad today except without wires; and the selective use of anti-matter, first to excite and then to annihilate matter; and the experiments in producing androgynous persons; and other items. These recalls, as real as remembering that you had grapefruit and scrambled eggs yesterday for breakfast, are additional reasons why I have come to see Atlantis – its science, and its misuse of powers leading to its destruction – as the beginning of our period of history.


            What about pre-Atlantean epochs? What about Lemuria, often called Mu? Well, occasionally in one of the Loehr-Daniels Life Readings reference is made to these pre-Atlantean civilizations, but not often. Although pre-Atlantean studies are of intriguing interest, I have found that I must confine myself pretty much to the work given unto me, which is more an understanding of our own particular historic epoch and of our day in it. Our epoch begins, I believe, with the fall of Atlantis.


            In Atlantis the mind of man had reached a high degree of development, was used extensively and produced a high science. But a keen mind proved to be not enough to meet the challenge of evil, the attacks of the “dark forces.” Intelligence alone was not enough for building the Kingdom of God on Earth. So the Atlantean civilization fell, and mankind was plunged into a period of cleansing and new preparation. In a manner of speaking, man was sent back to first grade to learn his lessons all over again – only this time with a difference. This time the masculine element of the mind was to be united with the feminine element of feeling, of positive emotions, of concern for others, of spiritual knowledge, of God recognition, of values larger than the aggrandizement of an individual or his group. As a college professor remarked in a Bible class I attended years ago, the Old Testament prophets were inculcating feminine virtues. Justice, mercy, truth are not masculine; the masculine virtues are physical strength, mental shrewdness, competition, personal success, climbing above one’s fellows by almost any means. The Old Testament prophets taught the feminine virtues. Jesus Christ was their culmination, teaching that love is the greatest thing, and that we each should be motivated first of all by complete devotion of mind, heart, spirit and strength to God, and to love our neighbors as our self. The fully developed feminine part may be one part that was missing in Atlantis, and a key part to our winning now.


The “Women’s Liberation” movement begun in the 1970s has upset age long role models and patterns with unprecedented historical speed, bringing much bewilderment and pain. But without the Age of Woman there is no New Age for Man.


            The Bible, at the beginning of its story, speaks of a superior condition of mankind that was then lost. The Adam and Eve chronicle may be only the natural thinking-back of philosophers of long ago, to explain the advent of man on earth. Or it could be a great deal more than that. It could be a reflection, either in a consciously used code device or in more veiled manner, of the recognition that there had been a higher estate of man at some time in the past.  It is not at all inconceivable that this could be a reference, conscious or subconscious, to Atlantis. Remember, Sir Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis was presented as a Utopia, a wondrous human society, built upon science – and this is what human memory doubtlessly remembered of the Atlantean state of mankind, especially as the centuries rolled them farther and farther away. The Bible presents the story of a fall from a very fine state of life – then a long, painful, slow rise after the fall – finally to reach, in the future, a new “Golden Age.”


            Atlantis is the historic starting point of this our epoch in human history on planet Earth.


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