Two Feminine Souls

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Two Feminine Souls

By Helen Roberts


A major purpose of the soul’s earth incarnations is that of growth. When we accept Dr. John’s premise that earth is an important school of learning for the soul, we can see myriad ways in which the earth school can teach the soul.


As I study the life readings, I am fascinated to see the story behind the lives of those getting readings. Every life has so much more to it than what appears on the surface, and every soul is unique in how it approaches life on earth. Part of this uniqueness stems from whether the person is a male or a female. Another factor is whether the soul is masculine or feminine.


Most of our readers are familiar with the concept of masculine and feminine souls, but our new members deserve a brief clarification. The soul – like God – is neither masculine nor feminine. It is androgynous. However, the soul splits into a masculine and a feminine half for purposes of its earth incarnations.  When not incarnate, the soul operates pretty much as a whole.


“Masculine soul” refers to the masculine half of that soul. It is given qualities that were commonly called masculine: mental shrewdness, physical strength, competitiveness, the drive to succeed, the ability to concentrate focus on one task.


 Likewise, “feminine soul” refers to the feminine half of the soul. It is given qualities that were commonly called feminine: appreciation of beauty, nurturing, the pursuit of spiritual awareness, the touch with other realms, multi-tasking.


 Incarnating in both genders enables each half of the whole soul to develop both masculine and feminine traits.  It also gives souls more growth opportunities. When a masculine soul is a woman or a feminine soul is a man, the possibilities for growth increase.


Let’s examine the background of two feminine souls in earthliving. These readings were given in 1968. One is in a masculine personality and is married to the other, who is in a feminine personality. We start with the husband, whom we call Sam. Quotations from Dr. John are in italics.


Sam - #1147


Sam is from a young feminine soul – second stage - who is developing masculine traits. Young souls in non-native gender lives have a big opportunity for growth, but they also have greater challenges. All souls must experience in both genders and develop both masculine and feminine traits, in spite of the fact that life is easier in their native gender. Ease of living is not the goal of souls. Service and growth is.


To make his life even more difficult, the Sam soul has never really learned how to be comfortable on Earth. That Godling much prefers the spiritual realms.


Although Sam was pleased with his success in Engineering, he was disturbed at his inability to build a warm, loving relationship with his family. He felt that he was capable of love but had a block that prevented him from deep feelings. Let’s pick up the reading after Dr. John has identified Sam as being from the feminine half of his soul and in the second stage:


Dr. John: This soul has been majorly in feminine expression but it has had several masculine lifetimes. It is not new to masculine living, nor is it objecting to it specifically. However we have a soul who is more oriented in other realms than in the earth realm. The earth realm is to be experienced, so in a manner of speaking the soul shrugs its shoulders and experiences it.


But it has a feeling of at-homeness and excitement and wanting to move forward more in other realms of experience. Earthliving to it is somewhat in the framework of being a demotion or being, to a certain extent, a bore, a marking of time until it can get back and get moving in the other realms.


So in a sense this soul has taken a rather lackadaisical approach to earth-living. It has understood before each earthlife what was expected of it in the way of accomplishment, and on the whole it has accomplished what was set before it to accomplish, with a passing grade.


Now a passing grade can be an “A”, and a passing grade can be a “D”, relatively speaking. Most of the grades of this soul are C’s And D’s. It passes, but it is glad when school is out and summer vacation comes along!


There is a certain kind and loving and firm impatience with this soul on the part of its guides and teachers. It is high time that this soul became more responsible for its own pattern of personality living, and it has been told so in rather positive definite terms. And the soul feels, “Well I guess I really better settle down and get on the ball in earthliving.”


Of course this is figuratively speaking. We have to use earth language to explain cosmic processes that do not fit earth language, but what else can we do when we’re talking to earth beings?


To achieve a greater measuring up to earthliving on the part of this soul, one of the steps taken has been to close the door of remembrance to other-realm existence and experiences. Increasingly this soul is becoming earth-conscious, rather than heaven-conscious. Increasingly it is being denied access, as it were, to these other realms of experience.


 Is this unlovingness? Not really. The soul has had a little tendency to feel so, because it does not have the perspective it needs. But it is having the result of turning the soul’s consciousness to the importance of earthliving. The soul is beginning to feel a pressure upon it to relate to the earth realm as a major realm of expression and growth and achievement.


There is not pressure upon the soul in a time sense – that is, it does not have to achieve all the learnings and the growth experiences of earth in a single lifetime. It can take as many lifetimes as it chooses – within a certain reasonable limit. As long as it is showing some progress it can pace itself in earthliving. But earth oriented it must be.


When I read about this young feminine soul being denied access to other realms while incarnate so that it could concentrate on earth, I am reminded of when my children were young and I had to take them to a nursery or sitter. They would cry as I was leaving, but when I was out of their sight for a while, they settled down and began to adjust.


In the same way, this feminine soul is separated from her familiar spiritual home until she settles down and adjusts to life on Earth. All souls, whether masculine or feminine, have to have an adjustment period, separated from their spiritual contacts, until they have adapted to a material existence. The length of this period varies according to the individual soul.


Returning to the reading:


Dr. John: Let us point out several things here for the personality’s understanding. First of all, in this lifetime there is the achievement of the soul of a pattern of success in earthliving as a man, in taking mastery and making a success as the earth sees success…


Secondly, there is a need to concentrate upon earthliving and success in it, and the doors to other realms are temporarily closed to the soul. This personality should not concentrate too much attention on what you in earth call spiritual growth and development and psychic growth and development.


 Concentrate understanding on psychological growth and insight, yes, and in spiritual in the framework of what spiritual insights contribute to the vital, positive, and increasing mastery of the personality in earthliving. But leave the other worlds alone.


The third thing we would say to this personality is something that he recognizes: while he is very strong in the work area, he is weak in the personal relationship areas. Specifically, he is weak in the immediate family relationships. In part this is because there is a certain force within the feminine soul that doesn’t really want to be discovered as being a feminine soul in masculine expression. It is willing to accept masculine beingness in earthliving, but it is not willing to be recognized by other souls in earthliving as a feminine soul in masculine expression.


So it keeps to itself to quite an extent, and it is not willing to build close personal relationships. Also, it takes a good inflow of the basic feminine forces to establish good close personal relationships, and the soul does not quite see how to allow this to come about while it is establishing the strong masculine forces in the work framework.


It doesn’t know how to integrate and use those forces from the basic feminine beingness within the masculine framework, and this causes a block in close personal relationships.


In addition, because of the soul’s major interest for personal development being in the other realms, the soul accepts earthliving as being necessary without too much enthusiasm and with a certain element of irresponsibility.


We all know someone who finds it difficult to express deep feelings and who seems to put up a wall between themselves and others. There are many psychological reasons for this type personality, but this trait is also typical of young souls in early non-native gender lives. The soul feels insecure, causing the person to be cautious about opening to others. Adding to the insecurity is the fear that others will find out they are a “fraud” – living the life of the opposite gender. 


Sam is from a feminine soul and is commended for his business success. Achieving a good career comes naturally to young masculine souls, but young feminine souls usually struggle for success.  However, the tables are turned when it comes to nurturing skills. Feminine souls slip easily into the role of motherhood, but young masculine souls have to acquire that skill.


 It has been interesting to watch how today’s society gives both masculine and feminine souls the opportunity to operate more easily in their nonnative gender. Men are free to concentrate on homemaking, and women can focus on careers.


Sam was purposefully given a wife and two children to help develop more skill in personal relations while in a masculine incarnation. We won’t examine his relation-ship with his children except to say that there was good past life acquaintance with both and that Sam was told he should work to develop a closer personal relationship with them in this life.


The relationship with his wife, Pamela, is more complicated. Let’s look at her soul background.


Pamela - #1148


Pamela is from another feminine soul, about the same age as Sam, but with a different growth pattern for this life. One thing that all souls have to learn is how to direct the lifetimes of their personalities for the growth they desire.


Early in their incarnations, souls – especially feminine souls - are rather passive and allow experiences to come to them rather than choosing and directing what experiences their personality has. The time comes when that soul needs to exert a greater measure of control and direction on its personality life.


The Pamela soul is at that stage of growth. This attempt by the soul to take greater control of the personality experiences results in Pamela’s probing, studying, analyzing, dissecting her experiences. Pamela’s self discovery is helping her soul to relate these occurrences to its own growth. This is the first step in taking control: gauging what can be learned from different experiences.


Whereas, Dr. John tells Sam to avoid reaching to other realms, Pamela is told that channeling is a good thing for her. It will help her guides and teachers to teach her and her soul.


Her last two lifetimes provided the impetus for Pamela’s soul to take a more active role in guiding her personalities. They also explained Pamela’s strong sexual urges that were blocked by an equally strong reluctance for fulfilling any of these urges. Dr. John tells us about these two lifetimes:


Dr. John: …a lifetime in the 1600s in Russia. The soul was in personality expression with an emphasis on sensual living, sensual in the framework of using all the senses and responding to earthliving through the senses. In the early years this was experienced by the personality quite majorly in the framework of relating to the world of nature round about her.


She grew up in the country in a family of wealth who lived on a very large estate. She was encouraged to live outdoors and to get acquainted with the world about her. It was a very free and happy, untrammeled childhood in that respect. She loved the out-of-doors and she loved roaming the fields and the world.


In this setting, this beginning, the physical senses were sharpened. She was keenly aware, for example, of the feeling of the winds, of strong winds and gentle breezes. She was alert to the changing colors, to many fragrances. Her eye became quick in catching the minute movements of a bird or a small animal or even in a concentrated spot, a bug. Her hearing became keen, she heard noises close by and noises in the distance. She was an open person, open in the sense to receive…


People really did not loom as majorly important to her until she came into adolescence. Then with all the senses trained and alerted and open, there came the biological urgings and stirrings which brought her very keenly into awareness of herself and other people as persons and a desire to relate to people, to reach out, to see them, to touch them, to feel them. As this developed, a very strong sexual response developed in the personality.


This found expression in the sexual pattern when she was in her 16th year…She enjoyed sex in every area of her beingness. The act of physical love, the experience of making love, became very important to her. It was in this experience that she gathered up all of the awareness and all of her senses and found expressions for them. The sexual experience became of paramount importance to that personality. We believe your modern day psychology would have a word for it, perhaps such as nymphomaniac.


This was a good experience for the soul – taking life as it found it in a particular framework, giving full acceptance to it without any reservations at all. This was what came to the personality, and so the soul accepted it fully.


There were many men. There was marriage, but that did not stop the experience with many. She could not be held down to one man, and she had no sense of guilt or shame about it. This was the way she was and she accepted it.


There were no outer restraints put upon her. She had a great deal of freedom and was taken care of physically by parents who loved her but who were themselves very busy. Although the fact of her many affairs were known by some people, there was a certain amount of discretion exercised by her and others. She wasn’t particularly gossiped about and didn’t become a scandal.


The physical forces of the body had been quite completely centered in sexual expression and began to become rather used up. She developed high blood pressure and had what now is called a stroke. She passed away in her early thirties…


She came then into the 1800s in a very different lifetime. This was in Russia in a feminine personality in a setting of wealth in a family of very high moral codes, a very devout Eastern Orthodox family with very definite ideas of right and wrong.


A great deal of inhibition was placed upon the personality in its use of its senses. These were not to be emphasized. They were of the body and the body must be tamed and disciplined and presented somewhat as a sacrifice to God – a sacrifice of all bodily pleasures…


The body and its appetites were to be tamed and brought under discipline. Fast days were very strictly observed, and when they were not fast days, even the indulging of food in the every day manner was in the framework of spiritual discipline. One ate very simply and one ate very meagerly. One did not eat as much as one might like. This would be indulging in the sin of gluttony. Sex was looked upon as necessary for procreation, but for goodness sake don’t enjoy it!


This lifetime perplexed the soul a great deal since it was such an utter contrast to the lifetime previous to it…Now here was the beginning of the demand being put upon the soul to become selective in experiences, and to start determining what earth experiences it would have and what it would not have.


It is a result of the questions and the certain element of what we might call bewilderment, on the part of the soul, that this present lifetime has come in in which there were experiences on the personality level of enough force to cause the personality to stop, look and listen; to think, to disect, to wonder, to put together, to reject; to study, to analyze. In this way the soul is learning from the personality how to go about becoming more selective and become more of a directional force in its personality-life.


Two very different lives, with different personalities and values, were used to urge the soul to take control of life rather than letting life control her.


Dr. John told Pamela and Sam that they had shared two past lives. Sam was a lover in the 1600s life. The relationship was without friction. They enjoyed the time together but neither expected it to be permanent. Neither was hurt when they parted ways.


They also shared a life in Samoa with Pamela as the mother and Sam as a spoiled son. The mother catered to his every wish and never disciplined him. As a result, when Sam married in that life, his wife was given a husband who expected his every wish to be fulfilled. In this life, Sam still expects Pamela to take care of him.


Can you imagine the dynamics these two past lives have brought into their present life? First of all, their sex life has never been very satisfactory to either. In their subconscious is the memory of a good love life, but Pamela also has the conflicting forces of that lifetime when sex was not to be enjoyed. They both have subconscious memories of the life as parent and child, which makes sex between them seen wrong.


Although Sam and Pamela love each other, they had enough problems in their marriage that they were considering divorce. In addition to the sexual problems, there is a big difference in what each expects from their marriage.  Their reading was given in 1968, and the women’s liberation movement was in full swing – a movement that Pamela embraced but Sam rejected. That Pamela had catered to Sam in the life as mother and son didn’t encourage the relationship of equals that was becoming popular in marriage in 1968. Sam wants a passive wife, but Pamela is in a lifetime of exploring and questioning and is not content to be meek and docile. Dr. John told them that staying married was the better move. He particularly told Sam to work harder to make a better marriage. A good marriage is part of his purpose in this life.


In his play called As You Like It, William Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Dr. John has told us that Shakespeare is one of the Elohim. Indeed, his picture of the world being a stage and souls playing different roles from one lifetime to the next is a true one.


Older souls become more seasoned “actors” and can swing from one role - one type of relationship - to another with the same soul. As a soul matures, it becomes comfortable with taking different roles in subsequent lives. One lifetime as brother and sister can easily become another lifetime as husband and wife, as child and parent, or as business partners.  The very young soul cannot always separate one life from the other. By staying in their current rela-tionship of husband and wife, Pamela and Sam are learning even more than they know.



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