The Other Side

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The Other Side


            The following are Dr. John quotes about life after death. They are taken from different life readings:

 Dr. John: What happens to your soul immediately after the death of your body? The soul is really not affected much by the death of the body. It is separate from it anyway. The important thing that happens at the death of the body is the final separation of your personhood from the body.  

Your personhood and your soul both are essentially spiritual. Two parts of the human nature of your being are spiritual; one part is physical. Death affects each part differently. Death represents the end of the effective operation of the physical part, your body. (There often is a slight carryover for a short time, which is not considerable enough to be considered and is not your responsibility). 

The soul is free to have another incarnation, which hopefully it will not undertake immediately. Your soul, counseled with your guides and teachers, will carefully choose your next incarnation, which then could be quite quick. It would not be your next incarnation. It would be the soulís next expression in the realm of body or physical matter. 

This is what happens to your person when it no longer operates in the physical realm. It goes into the lower astral realm, as it is called, which is pretty much like the Earth realm. This is purposeful; this is needful. 

For if you are to be taken as a person into a realm of being or plane of expression within which your consciousness had no previous contact at all, you as a person would be completely at sea, unable to grasp it. Growth is done step by step, each building on the previous. A ladder is climbed, one step at a time. And so you as a person come into a realm, after the death of the body, and the beings that person meets are both determined by the nature of the person. (8110:7) 

Those who are convinced there is no life other than in the body may have such a consciousness of death that they cannot be awakened. They are so sure they are dead that they sleep away whatever energies they have. Their loved ones try, and in their trying very often will awaken some. 

Those who do not waken lose the excarnate portion of their personal life, and that is tragic. The ones who are convinced they will sleep until all are awakened on a final judgment day will endeavor to do that. Efforts are made to awaken them more quickly. The knowledge that is coming into Earth--that the transition can be a very simple step and even made in full consciousnessówill enable many to make the step so much more easily, and will ease the task of those appointed to catch their interest and carry them on. (8110:8) 

When the time comes for your transition you probably will be met by someone whom you will recognize, a close loved one who has gone on before, or a religious figure whom you recognize. If not, look for a light. Follow that light. (3458:14) 

Once you are on the other side, the major thing to be accomplished in the lower astral are perhaps a running-down of certain desires and forces which are more associated with the Earth framework than with the progressive stages into which you are entitled to go. So, just hope you donít get lost in it for too many months, but let that be accomplished. And secondly, you will then learn how to stop thinking in Earth terms, so you will not be held to the framework within which Earth terms are the limiting factors. You will come to think of yourself as a certain pattern of light, rather than as a physical configuration with two arms, two legs, one head and so forth. (8110:7)

Dr. John on taking things with us into the afterlife


Dr. John:  As has been so well said, you cannot take things with you when you leave the earth. But you cannot leave behind you what you have become because of the things and because of the experiences of your life. (2113)



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