Law of Compensation

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The Law of Compensation

By Helen Roberts


            Who of us has not shed tears at the plight of those who experienced the Asian tsunami, hurricane Katrina, or the earthquake in Pakistan? These are but three of the major natural disasters that recently plagued the Earth.  So many innocent victims. 

            Throughout the world victims are afflicted with other injustices: children dying from disease, famine, war, and cruelty. Where is God’s justice when the innocent suffer? 

Each person’s story is unique. We know that some may be receiving the results of their own past callous acts, but certainly not most of the victims. We also have learned from Dr. John that all who undergo difficulties have the opportunity to grow from that experience. “It is not what happens to us but how we handle it that matters. Problems are opportunities to build character for our souls.” But that doesn’t seem enough to dull the pain of such horrendous experiences.

  We believe that God is Love and Justice and Mercy, so at times like this, we question. It seems appropriate to remind our readers of what Dr. John promises: 

Dr. John: There is a law of justice in this universe that often is used by us on the other side in a way that earthlings do not seem to recognize very well. There are some who recognize. One was your unusual soul, one of the Elohim, by the earth name of Emerson, who tried to express this spiritual force and function in his writing. He called it I believe Compensation. One usually thinks of justice as being that the unjust person will get his just desserts and the scales will be balanced; therefore, don’t get too upset. “God will get” that other person! (Chuckle)


The other side, which is recognized but not really in a deep way, is expressed perhaps best by our Master in His set of the Beatitudes as He expressed some of the paradoxical situations in which an earthling, finding himself, should consider himself blessed, even happy. (Matthew 5:3-12)…


This passage demonstrates the more spiritual understanding that in this principle of justice and balance in the world, when things are done wrongly to you, you have a great spiritual force, a Law of God which has much power in it, which is rallying to compensate, to do good things for you.


 Now you see why we on our side sometimes chuckle and smile when some unjust things happen to you. We even can help to not protect you against these coming, because these, taken aright, can bring into operation for your benefit this law of justice, this principle of compensation.


(The “blessed invisibles” do not smile at catastrophes, but Dr. John is illustrating a law here. The actual circumstances of this quote involved a man who was treated badly by his wife in spite of all his efforts to help her. His words would be gentler to victims of tragedies.)


 We are allowed to do more good for somebody who has suffered unjustly. And we do not violate God’s Law of Justice and Righteousness and Rightness when we do more good for somebody who has suffered unjustly.


God allows us to “temper the wind,” the winds of experience, the winds of earthliving, “to the shorn lamb.” Now, you don’t like to be shorn. You don’t like to be a shorn lamb and we don’t blame you. It is not pleasant, and it is not good, and that which brings it about is of evil. But when evil has been at work, the forces of Righteousness and Good rally to your defense.


This “restores the years the locusts have eaten.” But we cannot do that if the locusts have not eaten any of your years. So there is this law at work, and it opens the door to so much compensation, you see. (7032)


I have watched this law at work in my life and in the lives of others. These victims will receive their compensation – if not in this life, in another.


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