Loehr/Daniels Teaching Session - 1985

Loehr-Daniels Study Course


Informal Teaching Session with Dr. John

February 9, 1985



The following is a short session with Dr. John answering questions from members. Franklin Loehr is channeling and I am the conductor. Eileen Burchette asks the first question. For several years she conducted life readings, using her pseudonym “Selah.” She was the birthday twin of Franklin and a close friend of both Franklin and me. Her friends were many, but very few knew that she was the 20th century incarnation of a rather well-known medium from the late 1800s. This ability to communicate with the spiritual world was used in her lifetime as Eileen to work with the angel realm in healing, and she was helpful to many, including me.

Helen Roberts


Carrying the Olympic Torch


Question: Dr. John, this question is from our dear friend, Eileen Burchette.


Answer: Ah, yes!


Q. This was written last fall, and she is speaking of the torch relay of the Olympics last summer. She and her son went to Glendale to watch this relay and she says to you, “Do you folks have any idea of the proud feeling this relay is generating?” And she goes into detail about it and then says, “On the upper level of viewing it was shown to me how wonderful and beautiful and real is the goodness which has grown from the carrying of this light across the country. Its spirit cannot be measured. If you get a chance, please ask Dr. John if he has any words to say on this accomplishment.”


A. Well, I would say she is completely correct in that. And being a person herself with the insight into and contacts with the upper levels of spirit she would see this.


        This was essentially an earth act, although of course, there was guidance and helpfulness all through. But the beauty of it was done on earth and reached into high realms and pleased God Himself.


        It is important that America be kept strong in all ways and on an ever-upward track because Americans are to be the people to lead the world, to lead the peoples of the world, in the reconstruction of human society and the new knowledge of God and of God’s way for humanity.


        I have spoken at times of how Religious Research is an instrument, an instrument in which I and my team are particularly interested and involved, for the use of the Master in certain ways. And the dissemination of the teachings falls within this area.


        But in another way, and in one sense a much larger way, the nation of America has been prepared from its inception and is now the instrument without which much of the work planned by Jesus and the forces of good for the Millenium would not be accomplished.


        (Ed – Earlier in 1985, in teaching reading # 8072, Dr. John told us that spiritual forces and entities worked to establish America as a new system of people coming together from all races, all blood streams, all religions, all loves and hates, on the basis of a common humanity finding and building community. He also said that America, as such a nation, was to lead the world into a world community of free people where government exists to provide a stable organization of interaction. As such, it becomes ever more important that we, as a nation, work together as one, without bigotry toward those of different races, creeds, religions, etc., and that there be cooperation among people with different ideas and philosophies. This reading appeared in our Journal shortly after 9/11 and is available now upon request.)


        So this act of the carrying of the torch by hundreds, by several thousands I believe, of runners, and viewed by millions and thrilled to by many beyond your shores, reached high into the high etheric realms, into the astral, the several levels of astral and then up into the high etheric realms, and into the presence and knowledge of that rather small inner circle around the Christ who have the great responsibility, really the ultimate responsibility, of planning and carrying forward the program of the Second Coming and of the Millenium.


For God is not planning this. This was entrusted to His specially-prepared Son, the Co-Creator, that Being Who you know best in His personalized form as Jesus the Christ, truly the One sent, the Messiah. Yes, it is His project under God, and as you know we feel that He has the understanding of the nature and the way of God, and great development Himself, which qualifies Him to lead such a project of eonic redemption, and that He is well along on the way to success.


So the carrying of the light, of the torch, warmed Their hearts and those of all of us who serve Them. Yes.


Q. Thank you. Thank you.


A. America is so important.


Q. I know Eileen will appreciate this. I certainly appreciate it. And she does send her love of course.


A. She is very dear to us, and tell her we welcome her.

Transitions of the elderly during the New Age


Q. Yes. Along that line she seems to think she is going to make her transition soon. I know that you wouldn’t know if this is true, but I selfishly hope not.


A. It is possible. And don’t be so selfish as to try to hold her back – which you wouldn’t. And really you couldn’t. You are not that close to her and she does not have a strong linkage to you, you see.


Q. Yes.


A. Those with very strong linkage can very often hold them back and so a death can be aborted, as well as a birth. And it is less than completely desirable.


Q. I hadn’t thought of this, Dr. John. I hope we are not doing this with my mother.


A. No. And it is good to have an outreach of love, and saying as you said that selfishly – meaning on your part – you are glad that she is in your plane of experience and life. And that is ncie. It shows an appreciation of her own fine beingness, and I speak now of both your mother and Miss Eileen. Yes.


Q. While we are speaking of the elderly – meaning my mother because I don’t consider Eileen as elderly, here is another question, “What do you know about what will happen to the really old who are in nursing homes when the Master comes?”


A. Well, that’s a very good question. The essential new thing as I see it is that they will be given knowledge upon which to make an intelligent choice to go one. If they have fear, they will reap the results of fear and will live for days and weeks and months and years in limitation and pain, being a financial and emotional drag upon others. Fear and littleness punish those who care for someone as well as that someone.


        So there will be that, and there will be those times when the authority of the Master – Who has authority because He understands best of all of us the nature and way of God – will be used to remove such persons even without their wish. But the great thing is that the new knowledge of God and of life and the new knowledge of the ongoing nature of life and the meeting of loved ones again, bringing a new knowledge of the excarnate phase of the personality life, will bring many to say, “Yes, my choice is let us go forward.”


Fifth Stage souls and life readings


Q. Yes. Thank you. This next question: “I know you do not bring the people for the Life Readings, but I have noticed that not even 1% of the readings come from people who are in the fifth stage. I can only remember one reading – there may be more – in which the person is in their last life on earth. Is there a particular reason you can see that there are so few in the fifth stage?”


A. In general, they don’t need it, and more particularly they have found their own way so much that they are not very deeply interested.


Spirit Forces


Q. Okay, thank you. I thought it might be something like that. Another question whether or not you have any more comments on what you said a few years ago about “spirit forces, not necessarily entities, but spirit forces of a lesser nature who may be assigned to work with humans and watch over us. They are between the elemental level and the more advanced level of persons. Not angels, not pixies, gnomes, elves or fairies. Not in the stream of progress of angels.” We wondered if you wanted to talk about these any more?


A. Oh, I think I gave it pretty well. (both chuckling) If you want to talk about it, why fine. You can talk about what I said then because that says it pretty well. Later on at some time perhaps there can be more but I think that was presented enough for the advancing edge of your awareness and understanding as of now.


(Ed: We did not receive any more info on this subject.)




Q. The next question has to do with consciousness, Dr. John. I realize that you can have consciousness without awareness, as plants do. And I know that you have to fashion a tool of consciousness to have awareness on a certain plane.


A. Upon any plane, a suitable tool of consciousness.


Q. Yes, upon any plane. So am I correct in assuming that you can’t have awareness without consciousness or a tool of consciousness fashioned?


A. Pretty much, yes. And yet on the other hand there must be that awareness in order to fashion the tool of consciousness. There must be an awareness – well, let’s use a very simple example: a human baby. He must become aware of certain things before he can fashion a tool of consciousness. He must become – he must have an awareness of a certain relationship with another one or two before he can say, “Momma” and “Daddy.” So he becomes aware of it and then he – then the whole process helps him to fashion the tool of consciousness. It is not going up to a large slab of foam insulation and carving out a particular tool. Now in one sense it is that, precisely. In another sense it is more than that. The baby is fashioning his tool of consciousness as he goes through what you would call learning. Do you see how in a very real way the essence of learning is fashioning tools of consciousness?


Q. Yes I do, Dr. John.


A. There’s a new thought for you. You can think over that one for six months and sooner or later –


Q. - I will come back with another question! (Both chuckling) Well, along this same line, I remember in Augusta when you talked to some plants and they talked back to you. Did this mean that you have fashioned a tool of consciousness that functions in the same realm as plants?


A. Oh, yes.


Q. Okay. Do plants have an awareness that is in another realm from earth? For example, do the nature spirits communicate with them?


A. Yes. Plants have to learn more than humans have to learn of plant business. They don’t have to learn human business, but they have to learn their business. Part of their business is beyond a human, which is rather self-evident I believe. (8058)

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