Informal Psychic Session, August 30, 1979

Loehr-Daniels Life Reading Reports

Informal Psychic Session, August 30, 1979

An unstructured channeling with invited people asking questions


Question: Samson in the Bible: was he as strong as the Bible says he was? Was he fact or fiction?


Dr. John: He was a very real character, and very really he was a “character” as well. Yes, he was exceedingly strong, and the particular feats attributed to him--although perhaps the story has been embellished a bit as most such stories are—I believe that the basic things he did merited his reputation for strength.


I would not vouch for everything that may have been said about him, and I am not completely sure of everything the Bible says about him. But he was quite a very strong and able man, and he did dislodge the two central pillars, bringing down the construction of that temple. He did do that. Your next question.


Question: Thank you. Noah and the ark and the flood. Was that something to do with Atlantis sinking, or was that Noah and the flood?


Dr. John: No, that was not Atlantis. That was Noah and the flood, yes. The flood was very real in that part of the country. There is more to it than this. Let us simply say there was the flood. There were some who survived it and with a chastened conscience, let us say.


Question: Going back to Noah. You said some other people survived the flood, even though the flood washed across the whole Earth. How do you explain that?


Dr. John: It did not wash across the whole Earth. It did insofar as those who lived in that region knew, and there have been great inundations in other parts of the world. This is really a much larger subject than I would care to take at this time. But the story of the great flood in that part of the world—well, it was an objective event. Yes. . .


Question: Was Adam, his soul ever reincarnated?


Dr. John: Adam is not as simple as he sometimes is presented. Was he a person? Not only. Was he an incarnation? He certainly represents such. Was he a soul come to Earth? Yes. Was he the first humanoid animal upon Earth? No. Was he the first fully human? Well, in a sense he represents the first coming of the soul into living association with the prepared type of humanoid Earth animal. Was he an individual person? Yes and no, with probably the emphasis upon the no. This does not exactly answer your question, does it?


Question: It sure does.


Dr. John: Then I scored better than I thought. . .


Question: I have one more small question. If a soul—and let’s take for example my soul—if I was to die—could my soul go on to another world—let’s say, in this universe—or would it just go into a realm?


Dr. John: I believe the chief element of an answer would be that the soul is spiritual, and there are spiritual “places” without any connection to anything physical. There also are spiritual “places” with connections to things physical. This is the general framework of that answer.


Question: Like, is Earth the only place where souls incarnate physically?


Dr. John: As far as I know, yes. I do not know for sure. There has to be, as I have brought out before, not only a certain combination of material substances and physical processes, forces, which may or may not be found upon some other planet. But there also has to be the element of purpose to bring it about. Now an incarnate form of life certainly could be adapted to a different set of circumstances. It might be far different and still be within matter within a body.


            So truly there are two factors to remember—the first being that incarnate life could conceivably exist under conditions and in a manner far different from that found upon Geos. Secondly, in any appearance of life in matter, or in any other event that is brought about, there is a positive element of purpose which must be present. Does this answer your question?


Question: Yes, the word “purpose” does. Thank you very much.


Dr. John: That word “purpose” does it. Good evening and God Bless. (8007)




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