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Cosmic Schools

By Helen Roberts


The following is a short segment of an informal psychic session in 1983. A Religious Research member had written Dr. John for information about cosmic schools. This is his response.

—Helen Roberts

             Dr. John: There are two general types (cosmic schools) perhaps, two general approaches. In one, there is definitely a sort of a schoolroom setup, a teacher and then students who are ready for that class. Another is an exploration of certain phases of existence, of what is, of beingness, which means of God and His work. This can be objective and it can be subjective. 

            Now more could be said of that first division, but I think probably what Miss Elizabeth is more interested in are some of the specific topics. For instance, there can be a class on art which is actually a class in application, in concentration. Somewhat working with consciousness and somewhat working with beingness, but it is really more the classroom type of class, because for this the students need instruction, rather careful instruction. 

            It is not true that when you reach the other side you can just rather automatically do anything you want to do. Achievement still takes effort, but this effort can be put forth in a little different way at times. 

            Also, there are classes in piano and the stringed instruments and the wind instruments and so forth. These classes are in Post Mortemia, the more astral realm closer to Earth. 

            Ed – You can read about Post Mortemia in our book Diary After Death by Franklin Loehr. It is the story of what happens after a person dies. 

            Then there are classes in philosophy that can be preparatory for incarnation, and the philosophies of Earth are presented. Until the soul has developed quite a good deal of what we might call comprehension, this will be his philosophy class. Then there comes a time when he can, as it were, branch out from what others have said into his own personal exploration of truth, and this is the high philosophy class – the personal exploration of truth. 

            There are classes in history: the history of nations, the history of human thought, the history also of the development of various human abilities and human traits. So one who wishes as a soul, or is selected as a soul, to have some engineering incarnations, leading to where he becomes an inventor or a discoverer or something significant, or the developer of something - for instance, the twisted wire rope of the ropings, and the bridge making which that facilitated – will probably start studying the history of engineering. 

            If he is really a serious student, he – as a soul, that is – can really go back to the very first beginning of engineering. Perhaps where savages felled a log across a creek or something. Then come up to advanced teachers to a knowledge of engineering just a little bit beyond what the Earth has at the time. Remember, progress must come step by step, it must be lawful, it must build. So there is not a sudden leap into some completely new concept whereby a beginner or even a middle student can leave behind all that has been achieved by earnest students. 

            These are examples. If Miss Elizabeth were here, I think she would be asking me further specific questions. Yes, there are classes in not exactly cooking but in food. What is it that humans eat and so forth. Classes in healing. 

            I go back to my initial distinction, the classroom classes, and then the personal probing of truth, the beginning to experience of it. This is where infinity lies, because truth is of God, and God is infinite. So here is where the advanced student can learn more and more at every stage of his individuated Godhood and God-Beingness. We do this on the Mini-Creator levels. I understand it is done on the Co-Creator levels as well, and certainly on the Elohim and on your level. This is not exactly a college catalogue of cosmic school classes. But it is my first answer to that question. 

            Question: Very interesting, Dr. John. If I listened properly, the schools with a set up class and teacher all seemed to refer to Earth during the soul stage. Above the soul stage are there teachers, or is it all self-discovery? 

            Dr. John: No. Above the soul stage there is also the matter of teachers. When the Master schedules a class, for instance, it is attended by those on up into the Mini-Creator level certainly. I do not know beyond that. There is a type of class that is simply preparation for the next incarnation. This is a very flexible class in some general matters and some specific matters for the particular incarnation. It is geared differently for the young soul, middle soul, old soul. For the old soul, it may be mainly a matter just to talk things over with his teacher, and the two of them kind of exploring various possibilities before the blueprint is drawn up. 

            There are also classes, of course, for the preparation, initiation and development, carrying on, of certain projects. The two hundred gathered for the Religious Research project have had classes, and there are continuing classes as the project develops. 

            Ed –“The two hundred” refers to two hundred souls who gathered together to be shown about Religious Research before birth. These were souls who were to be given the opportunity to work with Religious Research at some time during their life.  

            There also are some classes which incarnate persons can attend at night when they are astrally projected from their bodies. Of course, there are classes for excarnate persons. I have been talking mainly about classes for the souls. 

            Question: Do people astral travel into these classes? 

            Dr. John: They can, but we have some truancy. For one reason or another, some of them do not get there very regularly. So that is more of a special individual class, perhaps, for a few nights. Some of those are being shown certain settings, perhaps of which they have read. This intrigues their interest and expands their consciousness. So even though it may be more of a motion picture screen than an actual in-depth classroom, it has its place, you see. 

            Then there are some more advanced ones who will leave their bodies very often and not only at night. But these do not so much do so just to attend classes but to be in living contact, vital contact, with others who are working with them on their lives and projects. I think you would recognize this. 

Question: You said there are classes that souls attend while incarnate. Right? 

            Dr. John: The non-incarnate portion of the soul is learning, is doing things. But while incarnate, yes, that portion of the soul will attend classes also. 

            Question: Will it attend classes on what that person is doing in Earth? 

            Dr. John: Yes, primarily. This is not a constant thing, but it is not infrequent, let us say. 

            Question: So that learning can actually be happening on two levels, the Earth level and then on the cosmic level? 

            Dr. John: Yes, sometimes at the very same moment. (8044) 


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