Dear friends, 

    Welcome to this web site and welcome to the Religious Research Foundation.   

    The Religious Research Foundation was established more than 50 years ago to address the unfortunate chasm between religion and science.  Since its inception a

    few centuries ago, science has enabled humankind to gain new knowledge and explore the universe.   

    However, science has concentrated its efforts strictly in the physical realm.  The non-material realm – also called the “spiritual” – was left to religion to explore, explain and claim.   Both science and religion claimed to explore, know and express the truth; yet each limited itself to a narrow realm of the Truth. 

    This comfortable separation of arenas of authority has left science unfortunately valueless, so that our development of technology continues apace without serious

    thought given to the impact of such technology on society. Sadder still, religion has continued well into the modern era defending its traditional ways of claiming

    knowledge – authority, tradition, speculation, personal experience and intuition – without the benefit of the deeper understanding of Truth which scientific method makes possible.    

    Albert Einstein spoke of this when he wrote in Out of My Later Years: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” 

    Just as science would benefit from a mature values orientation, so also would religion benefit from scientific inquiry.  Thus reasoned Dr. Franklin Loehr, founder

    of the Religious Research Foundation.  Dr. Loehr went on to publish a best-seller in 1959 titled The Power of Prayer on Plants, which outlined his extensive scientific experiments documenting that prayer measurably affected the growth rate of plants in scientifically controlled experiments. 

    Dr. Loehr’s research later took him into areas that challenged both current scientific thought and current religious thought.  Working with a spirit guide,

    commonly referred to as “Dr. John,” Dr. Loehr channeled and conducted thousands of Life Readings for individuals.  In doing so he created a vast reservoir of

    information about the purpose and process of human life and growth on earth, as well as the essential role of reincarnation in this process.   

    Religious Research continues to be committed to benefiting humankind through shining the light of new knowledge and clarity into the arena which has been called “religion,” and is more often called “spiritual” today.   We believe that religion is the process through which people recognize, understand and demonstrate their spirituality.   

    Since Dr. Loehr’s death in 1988, Religious Research has focused on developing better understanding among the world’s religions, and between traditional Christianity and New Age spiritual thought.   We do this through a focus on the spiritual, as Spirit transcends religious doctrine.  Applying the wisdom of Dr. John to daily life, we encourage people of all religious traditions, or no religious tradition, to live lives of spiritual awareness and power.