The Religious Research Foundation grew out of a desire to integrate religion (a body of beliefs) with science (a method of obtaining knowledge) – thus, “adding facts to faith.” Fifty years ago, the leaders of the Religious Research Foundation were guided to direct their scientific curiosity into the field of reincarnation. At that time about two percent of Americans believed in reincarnation, as opposed to the roughly 100

    million – nearly one-third of all Americans - who believe in reincarnation today.

    We understand that the learning and personal growth afforded to human souls, by living through a series of well-planned physical incarnations, is not so much like climbing a simple ladder of learning and self-

    awareness; rather, it is like adding pieces to a jig saw puzzle. Each incarnation of the human soul is a unique personality, and each is like a piece of the overall puzzle of Life. First, a few lifetimes are focused on a particular aspect of life; then a few lifetimes are spent focusing on a different aspect of human life. Eventually, sections of the puzzle come together and connect and the greater picture becomes clear. So the jig saw

    puzzle represents the process of spiritual learning through reincarnation – and this is what all of us incarnate humans are about.