The Plan of Love and Light



Excerpt from Chapter 2:

Before Mankind Walked on Earth…


Earthlings think of the soul as being God’s child and the spiritual part of a human being. On the whole, this is true. However, we also need to realize that there are many different types of children of God that do not incarnate in physical form for their primary growth, and that many of them existed long before our physical world and the soul came into being.

Before mankind walked on Earth, there were spirit beings. Before there was Earth, there were spirit beings. Before the physical Universe, there were spirit beings and spiritual realms of being.  These spirit realms and spirit beings still exist, whether or not earthlings are aware of them. 

The human soul is one type of God’s “children,” and human souls are quite unique--a particular type of God-child who is destined to spend his early period of growth incarnating on Earth.

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