History of Religious Research – 1960-Now

                In the 1960s, the primary work of Religious Research became the life readings that were channeled from Dr. John, the spirit teacher and guide for Religious

    Research. Life readings are soul histories of real people who wrote and requested information about their past lives and the purpose of their present life. Responses from these people about their life readings were overwhelmingly positive. The readings had increased their understanding of themselves and helped them to know who they

    were and why they had their own unique life circumstances. Knowing this enabled them to accept themselves, make constructive changes in their lives, heal or release relationships, more fully pursue their life’s purpose, and find inner peace.  

                As the number of readings climbed into the thousands, it became apparent that not only were individuals being helped by them, but that a body of spiritual teachings was being built--teachings not based on the dogma of any church. These teachings, based on studying the lives of real souls and observing the various results

    of different soul actions, portray an orderly spiritual universe with a spiritual law of cause and effect.  

                From the early 1950s to her retirement, Rev. Grace Wittenberger was the key channel for Dr. John, with Dr. Franklin Loehr as alternate. For Religious Research, the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s were filled with life readings, lecture tours, writing of books, and conducting classes on reincarnation, death, and prayer. Early in the history

    of the life readings, numbers were assigned to each reading. The number identification of each life reading enabled it to be studied without disclosing the client’s real name. Because much of the material in a life reading is personal, care is taken to protect all identities. The thousands of life readings are all on file at Religious Research,

    and are still being researched today.  

                In 1978, Rev. Wittenberger retired from her work with Religious Research, and Dr. Loehr became the only channel for Dr. John. When he died in 1988, more than 5,000 readings had been given. Through studying these readings we are able to study the soul and answer questions such as: What is a soul? What is its purpose on

    earth? What makes one person more material-minded and another more spiritual? Why are there lives of limitation for some and privileged lives for others? What determines when and where a person is born? Are marriages made in heaven? Our research covers these and many more questions. 

    Dr. John told us that there would be no further readings from him after Dr. Loehr’s death. Since 1988, Religious Research Foundation has concentrated on

    preserving, researching, and publishing the teachings of Dr. John and the research of Dr. Loehr, as well as seeking to apply this collective wisdom to the ongoing drama of human life on Earth.