Q:  Who is Dr. John?

    A: “Dr. John Christopher Daniels” is the name taken by the spirit guide of Religious Research. In the 2000s B.C. he interrupted his earth incarnations in order to focus on reading and interpreting the Akashic Records (soul histories). Over 4,000 years he has become expert in deciphering these records, in order to bring information to earth during the 20th century. This information was two-fold: (1) to help individuals better understand themselves and solve their individual problems and (2) to bring forth a new body of spiritual teachings for the new age. His message inspires a sense of peace and well being. We know him to be a friend - wise, loving, unflappable, direct, and witty.

    Q:  Who is Franklin Loehr?

    A: Rev. Dr. Franklin Loehr is the scientist and theologian who founded RR, and served as its director for 36 years. He authored numerous books and articles, including The Power of Prayer on Plants, Diary After Death, and Science, Religion, and the Development of Religion as a Science. (See our catalog.) He was a gifted thinker, speaker, researcher,  and musical composer, as well as an author. He was also a major channel for Dr. John.

    Q:  What does the name “Religious Research” mean?

    A: Having studied both science and theology, Franklin Loehr understood both ways of thinking and endeavored to “add facts to faith.” He defined religion as being a field of knowledge and science as being a method of obtaining knowledge and maintained there was no reason for the two to be at odds. He further defined religion as referring to the spiritual (non-material) components of man and his universe and conducted his religious research without reliance on superstition, speculation, tradition or religious authorities. (See our history for more detail.)

    Q: What is a Loehr-Daniels Life Reading?

    A: The Loehr-Daniels Life Readings are soul histories of real people. These life readings were given for individual clients and included the purpose of the client’s present life and several past lives that fed into that present one; how certain lifetimes fit together into a larger pattern; the reasons for the struggles, lessons, and rewards of different individuals, including those of personal relationships. Thousands of life readings were transcribed. They are currently being depersonalized and processed for electronic storage and reference. The life readings are also in an ongoing process of being cross-referenced and indexed by topic as well. There is a wealth of general information about all souls and their different patterns of behavior available in these readings.

    Q: Can you still get a Loehr-Daniels Life Reading?

    A: No. The last life reading was channeled through Dr. Loehr before he died in 1988. Dr. John had already told us there would be no further readings after Franklin’s death.

    Q: How can I find out about my own past lives?

    A: We recommend that you visit www.ibrt.org This is an international organization of professional therapists who practice past life recall therapy in their counseling work.

    Q: How does knowing about past lives help us in this one?

    A: A knowledge of past lives can help to explain many things: possible reasons for phobias, handicaps, strengths or weaknesses, particularly good or particularly difficult relationships, recurring themes and lessons in this life. Such understanding puts any life into a larger context of a soul growing through different stages of learning and development and helps us to see that there is far more to each of us than we ever imagined. Each single life is only one piece of a whole puzzle. To understand the total picture, it helps to have knowledge of as many pieces as possible.