The Plan of Love and Light

    by Helen Nethery Roberts

    ISBN: 9781604944013

    (Published 2010) $16.95

    “From the point of Light within the Mind of God, let light stream forth into the minds of men.” – from “The Great Invocation”

     You have probably heard people say that God has a plan. But have you ever understood what it entails and what it means for your life? This book tells the story of the divine plan of love and light

    referred to in “The Great Invocation” – a plan which began even before humanity appeared on Earth. It reveals the soul’s role in this cosmic plan, and how certain forces attempt to interfere. Discover The Plan of Love and Light by Helen Nethery Roberts, and learn how to sense the goodness that unfolds within the apparent negativity that surrounds us.

    About the Author

                The life of Helen Nethery Roberts changed direction in 1976 when she was introduced to the Religious Research Foundation. In 1977 she met Dr. Franklin Loehr and started working for the Foundation. She became Dr. Loehr’s assistant and devoted friend, working closely with the life readings. Ms. Roberts has also lectured, conducted seminars and counseled many individuals in past-life recall therapy. In 1985, World University awarded her an honorary doctorate of philosophy for her research and writing.  She continues to research the readings and serves as an officer of Religious Research.

    Other books from Religious Research

    There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth. . .

    by Helen Nethery Roberts

    ISBN 1-4033-6386-2

    (published December 2002) $12.50

    Practical, concise, easy to read, this book helps the reader to understand life’s blessings, shortcomings, and curiosities, as well as the cosmic role of humankind on Earth. Based on the teachings, wisdom, and clarity about life found in the more than 5,000 Loehr-Daniels Readings of the Religious Research Foundation, this new book clearly distinguishes between the person and the soul behind that personality. Just as each person has to grow through various stages of life, so also each soul uses its many lifetimes to learn lessons and grow in wisdom and grace. It is a clear, graphic, and

    fascinating demonstration of why every life is important.

    Karma, the Great Teacher

    Helen Roberts, 2nd edition

    ISBN 0-915151-19-7

    1993 $12.95

                One of the finest books ever written on the progression of the soul through lessons of cause and effect.  Reading excerpts show karma working in lifetime after

    lifetime, not as punishment, but as a cosmic force to bring learning opportunities by experiencing the results of one’s deeds.  Nothing good is ever lost, but every soul

    must learn life’s lessons.  Karma is indeed our teacher. 1993. 300 pages. $12.95

    Psychography: A Method of Self-Discovery

    Franklin Loehr and 13 additional therapists

    ISBN 0-915151-00-6

    1990 $9.95

                “Psychography,” as used by Franklin Loehr, means finding forces from the past influencing the present personality.  It deals with bringing healing to traumas, realizing lessons learned or not completed in a past personality, and recognizing past lifetime relationships carried over into the present. This is an introductory textbook, presenting the methods and case studies of several Religious Research therapists plus leaders of the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies: William Baldwin, Hazel Denning, Barbara Findeisen, Evelyn Fuqua, Irene Hickman, Winafred Lucas, Ernest Pecci and Errol Schubut. Through Psychography discover who you are as a spiritual being, your purpose in life, and let subconscious soul memories take you back to incarnations centuries ago that influence your present personality. 1990. 232 pages. $9.95

    Death with Understanding

    Religious Research Writers’ Group

    Franklin Loehr, Editor

    ISBN 0-915151-10-3

    1987 $9.95

                A comprehensive study of out-of-body, near-death, and after-death experiences from our research, including Dr. John’s understanding, past-life recalls, and Franklin Loehr’s study over 35 years. Here is a modern “book of the dead” fulfilling more adequately the purposes of the ancient Tibetan, Egyptian, and Chinese books, bringing guidance as a person leaves the physical body, and solace for loved ones on Earth. There is nothing to fear. The personality survives death with continuing experiences that are added to the soul’s development. 1987. 284 pages. $9.95

    Destiny of the Soul

    Helen Roberts, 2nd edition

    ISBN 0-915151-13-08

    1987 $9.95

                This study of Dr. John’s teachings takes a serious, honest look at what happens when a soul is weak and gives in to the temptation to use its energies for evil. 1987. 280 pages. $9.95

    Diary After Death

    Franklin Loehr, 2nd Edition

    ISBN 0-915151-04-9

    1986 $7.95

                Written as a novel, actually it is a result of years of research and of psychic development. The story came through in diary-form from Dr. John, of a happily married couple reunited after death. It is a beautiful description of what may be experienced shortly after a person’s transition from life in a human body to life in a spiritual body. Everything else seems nearly the same at first. Then changes come gradually, guided by their special teacher. This book is full of comfort and understanding for a person racing death, or for those whose loved ones have died. It’s lovingly and joyously written, our best seller for years. 1986. 148 pages. $7.95

    Cross-Correspondence Among the Loehr-Daniels Life Readings

    Horton Amidon

    ISBN 0-915151-11-1

    1985 $6.95

                A New York University professor cross-checked the Loehr-Daniels Life Readings mathematically over a period of many years, and found them extremely accurate. 1985. 150 pages. $6.95

    The Development of Religion as a Science

    Franklin Loehr

    ISBN 0-91515151-05-7

    1983 $6.95

                Dr. Loehr discusses his research on (1) Science as a way of knowing, religion as knowledge of the spiritual (non-material) components of man and the universe. (2) Six pre-scientific ways of knowing. (3) Science’s discovery of God the Creator. (4) Five types of scientific evidence of reincarnation. This is a breakthrough book for both science and religion. 1983. 84 pages. $6.95

    Dr. John: He Can Read Your Past Lives

    Roberts and Sherrod

    ISBN 0-915151-01-4

    1983 $6.95

                Are a young soul’s early experiences in a human body especially difficult?  Many excerpts from Loehr-Daniels Life Readings describe the lives of young souls, the important lessons they must learn about life in a physical body, the challenges of both genders, the difference between the soul and the person, and the practicing

    of what souls learn in cosmic schools.  Important spiritual lessons are included.  1983. 270 pages. $6.95

    Incarnation and Reincarnation

    Roy Smith

    ISBN 0-915151-06-5

    1975 $6.95

                Early book on Dr. John’s teachings by a man who spent many years researching the Life Readings. Simply written and easily read, this book lays the groundwork for understanding Dr. John’s basic teachings. Topics include: regarding souls, family problems, relationships, sex, happiness, karma and ESP. 1975. 255 pages. $6.95

    The Power of Prayer on Plants

    Franklin Loehr, 2nd edition

    1969 $6.95

                For three years, beginning in 1952, Dr. Loehr conducted a double-locked laboratory experiment, using 156 people to determine if prayer could have an effect on the growth of plants. This book documents the astounding results of these experiments, proving not only that prayer is effective but also isolating four different types of prayer. Originally published in 1959 by Doubleday, this book brought Dr. Loehr on a lecture tour that carried him all over the continental United States and took him to lecture at Cambridge in England. 1969. 127 pages. $6.95

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